Jeff Allison ran his training consultancy and private practice (JAT Ltd) from 1996 until 2017. During the previous 20 years he worked in the addictions field as a specialist social worker, counsellor and service manager. The consultancy specialised in helping practitioners build competency in conversations where issues of behaviour change were centre-stage, using motivational interviewing as the reference style. JAT Ltd provided training and practice development coaching for more than 300 commissioning organisations in 18 countries, in the fields of health care, addictions treatment, criminal justice, social care, employment guidance and academic research. Jeff has extensive experience of leading training events for new trainers. The company also produced and sold training demonstrations and organised open-access training events.

Jeff worked with co-trainers in Canada, Iran, South Africa and India, and throughout Europe and Scandinavia. He co-led training events for the European Commission and for the United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime. For a decade Jeff was a visiting lecturer to The North Trøndelag University College, Norway (now Nord University) and to Glasgow University, Scotland. Jeff is a currently a member of an EU-sponsored team – The Penitentiary and Probation Support Project – working with the Georgian Ministry of Justice.

Jeff retired from full-time work in 2017. However he still accepts commissions that present interesting opportunities.

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